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Early Career Planning. 

It is important to start thinking about your career options early.  This can be in your first year. Always be alert to what interests you, where you have a natural talent or find your strengths. 

Think about if you are keen to go immediately into post-graduate study or find a graduate program or employment that suits you. 

Start by reducing your options by removing those areas where you feel you would not be suited. 

Also go to the website Office of the Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer as this site has  information that will help you to see what nursing and midwifery have to offer you as a registered nurse or midwife

Be sure that you start recording and storing your nursing and midwifery experiences early in a PORTFOLIO of which you can easily access and build on.  This can be electronic or paper; pictorial; a reflection; and evidence of work you have done as a student (workbooks, assignments, videos, clinical feedback materials and testimonials).  Remember that the focus is on learning.  What you have learnt and how you have learnt is important to your future employer. 

Preparing for your Transition

Portfolio Development

Registration Processes 

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