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Group, phone and video job interviews.

Group Interview/team activities. 
These forms of interviews are typically to see how well you work with other people. Usually the team will be given a problem to solve as a group and you will need to demonstrate effective communication, collaboration and team work skills. 
Steps to succeed. Getting to know the group.
  • introduce yourself and get to know your team members strengths.
  • involve all team members;
  • clarify and encourage members to comment and explain their ideas;
  • be engaged and active in the activity... show interest and a keenness to solve the problem;
  • make logical and relevant suggestions that either builds on what is being discussed or points out that there are alternate approach that can move things forward. 
Group problem solving question.
A patient with complex co-morbidities states that he feels abandoned by nursing staff who (he believes) look on him as too old and too much trouble.  He says that he wants to hurry up and die and get out of everyone's way. How will you as a team work to support this patient? 
Take a problem solving approach.
  1. Define the problem
  2. Analyse the problems (look at all elements)
  3. Generate possible solutions
  4. Select the best solutions. 
Phone and video interviews.
Phone interviews rely soley on your voice.  Levels of confidence, tone and volume are important here, as is demonstrating your knowledge and enthusiasm.  You will be asked the same questions as those in your individual interview, so be prepared. The invisibility of a phone interview does have its advantages so use those well.  See below. 
Preparing for a phone interview. 
Prepare as for the individual interview. (understand your organisation)
Use a reliable phone; ideally a landline rather than a mobile phone. 
Turn off call waiting;
Remove distractions/interruptions/background noise;
Put a smile in your voice;
Have a glass of water nearby;
Take notes as the interview progresses: (no keyboarding)
Keep the organisation's website open;
Focus, listen and enunciate; (practice with audio recordings)
Have a prepared question for the interviewer. 
Preparing for the video interview. 
Prepare as for the individual interview. 
Present as a professional; 
As for the phone remover distractions etc. 
Have a good internet connection; (wired rather than wireless)
Have notes easily within view, but not so that you have to turn away from the camera; 
Look at the camera rather than the person on the screen; 
Practice with video recordings to see and hear how you present.
Job Seeking Information
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