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What are the interviewers looking for?

Put yourself in the shoes of the interviewers. Who would you want to work with?  Someone who is always late, not well presented, knows very little about being a nurse and does not tell the truth. Of course not.  


The interviewers are looking for a graduate nurse who displays professional characteristics such as being: 

  • puncutal;

  • well presented; 

  • honest and ethical;

  • an effective communicator;

  • an effective collaborator;

  • a good team member and leader;

  • understands their roles and responsibilites are a registered nurse;

  • has conflict resolution skills; 

  • has a strong knowledge base;

  • can apply critical thinking during clinical decision making; 

  • has high emotional intelligence;

  • is a life long learner;

  • can work independently wthin their scope of practice and

  • will work within the philosophy of the organisation. 

Arriving and entering the room.

It is important that you demonstrate as many of these characteristics as possible at your interview. So be 10 minutes early, dress professionally, be polite and speak clearly.  Shake hands with the interviewers if given the opportunity, look each person in the eye as they ask the question. Wait 1-3 seconds before answering to organise your thoughts.  Take brief notes in with you so that you  refer to them if need be. As you leave thank everyone for their time and close the door quietly behind you.  

Common Interview Questions.

Group, phone and video link up interviews.


Avoid wearing clothing that is too tight, high heels, jingly jewelry or beach wear.  You are showing that you know how to present yourself in important situations and you are taking this interview very seriously. This is a sign of respect. 

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