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Preparing for your transition ..... 

During your degree program, you have gained knowledge and skills which have impacted on both your professional and personal development to achieve the best you can be as a registered nurse or midwife. 


It is important to be acutely aware of your transformation achievements from student to graduate.  

Ask youself; how have I developed as a person?  Have I changed in my temperment, listening skills and open mindedness; am I more punctual, organised or do I plan ahead more?

Ask youself; how have I developed professionally? Do I actively practice within the Code of Ethics, do I work  collaboratively and collegially with other health care professionals or have I developed a motivation to be an expert in a particular area. 


Knowledge in this area gives you confidence in your achievements and propells your career interests and how you will present yourself in your job applications or interviews. 

Early Career Planning

Portfolio Development 

Registration Processes 

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