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Working as a graduate registered nurse 

As a registered nurse, you may be offered a graduate program in any area of nursing practice.  As you are registered nationally, you may find yourself offered a position in a state/town/clinical area different to that where you studied or undertook your clinical placement experience.  Remember that where ever you work, there will be differences.  Differences in the people who you work with, the policies that you work under, the paperwork/electronic record keeping that you will need to complete and the planning and layout of the clinical area.  Learn these differences and specific preferences and requirements as soon as possible as once you have these clear in your mind, you will be able to focus on your learning to enable knowledge and skill development. 

Hint. Find out who your 'go to' people are early.  What is your support structure and support network.  In busy areas where there are a lot of staff, don't assume that those around you will remember that you are a graduate or where you are up to in your transition to practice.  It is always worthwhile to point this out if your feel that you need support. 

Your graduate year

Working as a graduate midwife

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