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Job Applications

As a starting point when applying for a job in nursing, you need to think about yourself as a registered nurse and where this career you have chosen will take you.  A good place to start will be to the Jobs and Career Goals page on this website.  It is important for you to think widely about what nursing has to offer you, and use your imagination as to where it will take you. 

So don't just look in the metropolitan hospitals go further a field and look at regional, rural and remote area centres. Start locally looking at your state health websites; public and private hospitals; community centres; GP practices. Look overseas to paid and voluntary places. Remember nurses practice in factories, schools, mine sites and cruise ships.  

There is a lot out there. 

When you prepare your application, give it 150%.  Here is your chance to shine. 


Here are some tips when preparing your document:

  • always use professional terms in your application

  • have a positive and moving forward approach when responding to clinical questions

  • demonstrate enthusiasm to learn and become an expert

  • be sure that you know the domains of practice, Codes of practice and legal parameters such as medication administration expectations.

  • understand your roles and responsiblities as a registered nurse

  • demonstrate your ability to be a safe clinical decision maker and effective communicator

What can happen when you apply for a job.  Generally your either get short listed for an interview or you miss out.  Missing out is OK.  Don't be discouraged, there are lots of opportunities out there, so try again.  If you are given feedback on your application, read it carefully and use it to inform the next application. 

If, however you are offered a chance to have an interview, there are some very important pointers that can help you present yourself in the best light. 

What are the interviewers looking for

The Job Interview. 

Questions, questions, questions. 

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