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Employment seeking, is influenced by professional preferences, opportunities, lifestyle choices and family responsibilities.  
As a student, it is important to be acutely aware of your preferences and the opportunities around you from an early stage.  Remember that as a registered nurse or midwife in Australia, you are registered to practice in all aspects of health care at a beginner's level.  In light of this, you should consider the many aspects of health care in different settings and contexts of care that are available to you as a health care professional in Australia.  This includes acute and chronic care, case load midwifery, emergency care, tertiary and rural centre, community and in home care.   
Also your Australian nursing registration, enables you to practice in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, some Africian states and some provinces in Canada and lots of other countries. (Midwifery can differ, so look at each country's requirements carefully.) So get searching and see what opportunities there are and what suits you best.  Think big, think broad, then narrow down your preferences. 
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Job Seeking and Career Goals 

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